The WaveID® Office

How to Make Your Office a WaveID Office

Instructions for establishing an RF IDeas reader embedded (OEM) device as a WaveID identification solution.

WaveID, the badge-based identification solutions powered by RF IDeas readers, is both the physical place for employees to wave their badge for identification, as well as a visual cue that an RF IDeas reader is in action powering that device.

Items Needed

  • 1 x WaveID Label
  • 1 x Identification Solution powered by RF IDeas readers.


All surfaces must be clean of dirt, oil and grease. If required, clean surfaces with isopropyl alcohol and a clean cloth.

1 Prepare Area

Locate the application area. Keep in mind that the label will need to be placed on the device, directly on top of where the embedded RF IDeas reader (antenna) lays. Clean the application surface well. Remove all dirt and debris. Make sure surface is dry to allow for proper adherence.

2 Peel Label

Peel apart the backing from the label to expose the stickiness.

3 Apply WaveID Label

Align the WaveID label on the prepared area (on top of where the embedded reader’s antenna is located), to allow users to easily locate the area upon which to “wave” their cards to access the reader enabled solution.

4 Finished!

If you’ve taken your time and slowly followed these steps, you’ve applied the label correctly and should have ended with smile on your face and a thumbs up!

Please contact us if you have any questions.